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Acting as a responsible company

Geodis CEO, Marie-Christine Lombard, has decided to make sustainable development part of a more global approach to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR).

With a new organization and stronger governance, Geodis is now in a position to raise its profile as a responsible company. The CSR team is a proactive source of new ideas and proposals for the Executive Committee on strategy, practical action and progress indicators.



"Incorporating social responsibility to improve long-term performance"

Geodis’ CSR strategy is organized around the Group’s four stakeholders:

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An external assessment of Geodis' CSR performance by EcoVadis

In 2012, Geodis updated the assessment of its CSR performance by Ec Vadis, a neutral, independent
platform assessing the CSR performance of companies in 150 sectors of activity. Geodis was rated as “confirmed” with a score of 63/100.

This score places Geodis on a par with the average rating for companies assessed by EcoVadis (average score of 48/100) and above companies in the “road transport” sector (average score of 45/100). Geodis obtained a score of  70 for the Environment and Labor Practices categories and 50 for the Fair Business Practices and Suppliers categories.