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Full-TruckLoad (FTL) and Less-Than-TruckLoad (LTL)

GEODIS is a recognized expert in the transportation of full and partial loads. We use our network of partners and our large fleet of vehicles to carry your bulk, packaged, temperature-controlled, and hazardous products. Our experienced employees work hard to provide you with the specific services you need, while also respecting your time restraints and budget. We therefore offer several transportation options.  Our truck services are geared to move your cargo anywhere in the USA, Canada or Mexico.

Full-TruckLoad (FTL)

We can organize regular Full-TruckLoad transportation with truly extensive coverage at a domestic and/or international level. We also have the flexibility to combine our fleet with selected FTL carriers to meet your volume surges and urgent requirements. Our expert teams will source optimal carriers based on your needs, performance history, equipment and cost.

Less-Than-TruckLoad (LTL)

GEODIS is a major leader in Less-than-truckLoad (LTL) transportation – essential for transporting your smaller, more frequent shipments. Whether you need domestic, regional or cross-border LTL shipping, we have the capacity to provide you with the services you need. We also offer customized specialty solutions to meet your specific industry requirements.

Customized services

Our biggest strength is matching your needs with those of our carrier partners. Our global reputation and buying power – coupled with our management skills and experience – mean that you will receive the service you deserve on each and every shipment, at a very competitive price. When it comes to transporting any size, shape or type of cargo by ground, we will provide you with the best customized solutions, no matter the time frame.

One-stop shopping

One call to GEODIS is all it takes to secure the exact service level you need to service your customers, distributors, and affiliates. Whether you require a FTL/LTL move, Container Transportation, Flat Deck or Specialized Equipment, we have the resources, the connections and most importantly the know-how to promptly and competitively arrange it all for you. Leave the details to us, and focus on what you do best.

GEODIS employee


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