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Trade Compliance

Trade compliance is a wide-ranging field, covering the spectrum from assigning the correct code of the Harmonized Commodity Description and Coding Systems (HS) to having detailed knowledge of national tax regimes and international regulations.

Where customs knowledge is key

At a local level, this can involve choosing a customs broker with the appropriate expertise in areas such as import/export taxes, regulations and VAT. International fields include strict compliance with export controls – whether for defense-only applications or ‘dual-use’ goods and technology for military/civil markets. Companies need to be aware of the procedures, licenses and embargoes in order to avoid potential legal proceedings. At the same time, GEODIS’ knowledge of tax regimes can provide customers with significant savings. Due diligence has been carried by our Legal department on all contracted suppliers, with GEODIS using specific IT tools to screen both suppliers and individual shipments. We also significantly reduce data entry errors in customs declarations by exchanging information with brokers using EDI.

Businessman stamping document

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