a man consults a finance market analysis on a screen

Logistics Reporting and Business Intelligence

In addition to immediate logistics needs, GEODIS works with customers to focus on analyzing previous performance trends through a variety of critical reports, while also assessing future trends that can affect the logistics market. GEODIS offers both standard and customized reports that demonstrate successes and challenges, enabling customers to share best practices and identify root causes of issues. 

Creating an effective sourcing plan

When it comes to logistics sourcing plans, most customers simply bid their volumes into the market as contracts expire, and set their new contracts for the same standard terms. GEODIS’ sourcing plan uses a range of market intelligence factors – including pricing trends, micro-economic indicators, capacities, unique customer requirements – as well as supplier entrants, exits, capabilities and financial health. We then use this information to develop a strategy for the entire bid process, ensuring that a competitive bid is retained.

a man consults a finance market analysis on a screen

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