Driving CO2 emissions reduction: insetting and offsetting policies

As many responsible companies, GEODIS has developed since a long time some carbon offsetting policies that support the development of projects related to emissions reduction and carbon sinks to compensate company’s residual emissions.
Beyond those actions, GEODIS is also developing some “insetting projects”, embedding sustainable activities directly into its supply chain (vs solar panels or forest development).
On top of its Bio-LNG and Bio-CNG trucking solutions, GEODIS has now introduced some Sustainable Fuel Solutions for its ocean and air freight activities. GEODIS customers can now benefit from immediately available Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and Sustainable Marine Fuel (SMF) solutions to avoid CO2 emissions of their air and sea shipments.
The development of Sustainable Fuel Solutions is one of the strategic paths being pursued by GEODIS to meet the challenge of carbon neutrality, as biofuels contribute to reduce CO2 emissions from road/air/sea transportation. These are currently the most effective measures to significantly reduce the environmental footprint of our activities, offering our customers the possibility to act directly on their transportation.
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