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Foreign-Trade Zones (FTZ)

A Free-Trade Zone (or Foreign-Trade zone) allows companies to land, store, handle and re-export goods without paying customs duties. As an expert in FTZ solutions, GEODIS will help you admit foreign origin merchandise to facilities in these zones. You won’t have to pay taxes or duties until they are transferred to a domestic market.

Improve cash flow and reduce risk

Our customs experts have extensive knowledge and experience in a variety of FTZ operations. Whether you need help at a warehouse, at a manufacturing location or in services facility, you’ll benefit from increased flexibility towards end-distribution. We’ll help you achieve this through duty deferment, higher inventory visibility, reduced buffer stocks, overall lower product costs, achieving a just-in-time concept, and more. You will also experience hassle-free re-export to other countries. GEODIS provides these services through an end-to-end integrated solution. This creates extra value as you improve your cash flow, reduce compliance risk, generate savings, and increase supply chain velocity for re-exporting products.

FTZ value-added services

Depending on your product's security needs, value and sensitivity, you can enhance your FTZ service by asking us to customize our standard activities. Value-added service in this area include labeling, packing, kitting, sorting, custom crating, light production and more.

stored containers

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