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Turnkey Solutions for your Industrial Projects

GEODIS offers world-class logistics solutions for Industrial Projects, no matter what size, complexity, or exceptional constraints the project demands – including building or moving a factory. By their very nature, Industrial Projects can involve large sizes, weights and values, as well as fragile materials and hazardous situations. When you add complex environments, geographies and legislation into the mix, it is clear that this type of activity requires a level of logistics and transportation security that includes robust permanent operational procedures (POP). GEODIS has been using its recognized experience and expertise in this area with customers for years.

Customizable and tailor-made

At GEODIS, we partner with our customers to offer complete turnkey services. It is important to us that each of our offers in this area are as unique as the Industrial Project they are associated with. They are completely customized, and based on technical engineering feasibility studies and simulations run ahead of time in cooperation with our customers.

Turnkey solution advantages

GEODIS' Turnkey Solutions approach offers a variety of advantages:

  • Complete QHSSE (Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment) regulatory compliance
  • Teams of GEODIS experts in your sector from the analyst to the delivery driver
  • Dedicated processes to limit risks
  • IT solutions at the forefront of technological innovation
  • An approach based on operational excellence
  • Specialized multimodal transport with high added value: vehicle and cargo size, deadlines, sensitive areas, etc.
  • Customized logistics: special handling, as well as the creation of packaging and dedicated containers adapted to the type, size, fragility, and other characteristics of your cargo

Providing expertise across 9 Industrial segments

GEODIS offers logistical services for 9 Industrial segments:

  • Paper and packaging
  • Industry equipment and machinery
  • Chemicals
  • Power and utilities
  • Railway industry
  • Metals, raw materials, and mining
  • Oil and gas
  • Construction and materials
  • Agribusiness
industrial construction

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