Une nouvelle commande de 120 véhicules au gaz naturel pour GEODIS
Une nouvelle commande de 120 véhicules au gaz naturel pour GEODIS

A new order of 120 natural gas vehicles for GEODIS

GEODIS is continuing to green its fleet with an order of a further 120 vehicles from IVECO for urban logistics operations.

The new order brings the number of vehicles dedicated to last-mile delivery in city centers and running on natural gas (NGV) to 330. This includes light commercial vehicles (125 Daily 35Ss with 20 m3 capacity and 10 Daily 70Cs with 30 m3 capacity) and heavy trucks (173 EuroCargos 12t with 42 m3 capacity) and 22 S-WAY CNG tractors). They will all run on bioNGV fuel. Apart from a reduction of up to 90% in CO2 emissions compared to a Euro VI-E diesel vehicle, particulate emissions will be up to 85% lower and nitrogen dioxide (NO2) emissions will be cut by up to 85%.

For urban deliveries, GEODIS also operates electric vehicles and several cargo bikes as part of experiments underway in the cities of Tours, Lille, Strasbourg, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Le Touquet and St Malo.

Stéphane Cassagne, Executive Vice President of GEODIS’ Distribution & Express Line of Business, stated: “GEODIS is gearing up to provide green deliveries in large French cities. This investment forms part of a resolutely proactive policy to reduce CO2 emissions from last-mile freight transport. We are going beyond the legal requirements of low-emission zones to meet the expectations of our customers and of cities and citizens.” 

Emilio Portillo, Managing Director of IVECO France, said: “We are delighted to be supporting GEODIS in their energy transition. It is more than 25 years ago that IVECO made the strategic choice of developing the natural gas solution to support its customers in reducing their emissions of CO2, local pollutants and noise. Thanks to this expertise, we are now the leader in natural gas, which accounted for 94% of non-diesel heavy vehicles registered in France in 2021.”

Photo caption (copyright GEODIS. Credit: REA / Xavier Popy):

  • In the right: Stéphane Cassagne, Executive Vice President, Distribution & Express
  • in the left: Emilio Portillo, Managing Director of IVECO France

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