Concrete transportation truck

Concrete Transportation

GEODIS is currently active in over 100 concrete plants. With 200 employees and 200 vehicles at our disposal, we cover 60% of France, and our drivers are keenly aware of the security demands in this sector. In addition to the transportation of ready-to-use concrete, we can also guide you through a resource optimization approach to reduce your operating expenses.

Optimizing your operation’s performance

As your concrete transportation coordinator, we offer optimized management of your concrete transportation needs and provide the appropriate means of transport. Our goal is to guarantee that you experience increased productivity and continued quality of service.

Innovative methods for delivering concrete to complex worksites

Our cement trucks are able to cope with difficult work terrains as effortlessly as they enter easy-to-access construction sites. In addition to concrete mixer trucks and pump trucks, we also provide multi-purpose mixer vehicles equipped with a 24-meter, remotely-controlled concrete placing boom that pours concrete with great accuracy.

Logistics expertise center

Innovation pays

GEODIS: A global leader in CSR

Corporate Social Responsibility


As a company that is committed to being a good corporate citizen and to looking after its people, GEODIS goes to great lengths to fulfill its Corporate Social Responsibility.

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Inventory by drone

At GEODIS, Warehouse inventory by drones is under way



GEODIS has been experimenting with warehouse inventory by drones for almost two years now.

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