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Complex Project Management

In some situations, alterations to the size and operation of a logistics network can have major ramifications. The appointment of a major new provider, the deployment of a new mode of transportation, a switch from regional to centralized processes, or the development of a new IT platform are just some examples. In situations like these, reconfiguring a network will lead to organizational change – a more intricate process for management and employees alike.

Delivering change programs

GEODIS has in-depth experience in delivering major change programs and overcoming the risks of delay or the limited achievement of objectives. By managing both the technical and communications aspects of the project, we can help companies, suppliers, and customers accept such changes and then reap the benefits.

Logistics expertise center

Inventory by drone

At GEODIS, Warehouse inventory by drones is under way



GEODIS has been experimenting with warehouse inventory by drones for almost two years now.

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Energie alternative

Alternative energies: when GEODIS runs on natural gas

Carbon footprint


Road freight transport is known for its polluting nature. However, GEODIS now offers customers several alternatives to the use of diesel, some of which are already in use.

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