Control Tower

In today’s volatile supply chain, a comprehensive overview of flows is key to managing daily activities and inventory. GEODIS offers a turnkey solution that allows you to manage your purchase orders, oversee their fulfillment, invoice and improve the quality of your services through the analysis of supply chain data. It's called a Control Tower, and it is a perfect way to schedule, implement and manage your logistical, physical, data, and financial flows, with clear visibility and traceability of operations on the ground.

No matter what mode of transportation or customs procedures you need, we will record each movement, end-to-end. We'll also provide you with access to all this information through a single point of contact.

Control Tower advantages

GEODIS' Control Tower approach provides customers with many advantages, including:

  •     Supply chain integration with the ability to view and retrieve logistics information
  •     Reduced non-compliance penalties
  •     Improved decision-making capabilities
  •     Increased visibility and responsiveness
  •     Commitment compliance: schedule, costs, quality, and improved customer satisfaction

GEODIS' Customs Control Tower can coordinate your customs flows in countries across the globe, based on standardized customs clearance procedures conducted by GEODIS in these countries. A single point of contact and a dedicated web portal will help you achieve a full overview and management status of your imported and exported goods from/to different parts of the world, all under GEODIS' close supervision. See details

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