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Express & Courier

Ensure the continuity of your activities, for situations where time is more than critical.

GEODIS provides you with an urgent transport offer.

High availability - 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

- Our couriers are operated by dedicated teams, grouped into regional centres of expertise throughout France.

- We commit ourselves to provide you with an estimate in less than 30 minutes and to take charge of the goods within 2 hours of the estimate being validated*.

- We set up a continuity plan in the event of an incident. 

Transparency and responsiveness throughout the process 

- You have real-time monitoring from your portal of the estimated time of arrival (ETA), calculated according to the journey and the vehicle's traffic flow 

- Access to the geolocation of your merchandise from your portal and the recipient interface

- Email and/or sms notifications are sent to you and your recipient during the main stages of the transport (taking into account your request, taking charge of the goods, delivery of the goods).

- In the event of a delay or incident, the Courier Centre will inform you immediately by phone.

A matter for specialists

- Our teams are made up of professionals in the field of courier service, experienced in the special requirements of this type of transport.

- They work with a network of couriers who have been tested and evaluated throughout the partnership, in particular on their commitment to respect our strict processes (feedback, immediate reporting of a delay or incident).

- Our teams know how to study and implement tailor-made and complex solutions.

Technical data

- Urgent shipments to France and European countries

- Service available 24/7

- Track & trace in real time and geolocation  

- Tailor-made studies of complex needs 

* For all types of freight (excluding regulated materials), within the limit of 1.2 tons and which can be transported in a vehicle up to 14 m3. 

For consignments outside these standards, response and pick-up times may be different.

GEODIS can represent your brand to customers during the final link in the supply chain. We will optimize transport through a wide selection of product delivery options, full geographic coverage and the comprehensive management of your packages straight to the customer's door. This helps bring you closer to your customers by combining operational efficiencies, excellent customer relations and innovative online customer solutions. See details

When you ship with GEODIS, you’re shipping with experts in courier delivery services. Our comprehensive offering, along with shipping and tracking solutions to fit your business needs, will give you solutions and reliability you can count on. See details

GEODIS offers two dedicated courier services in France in Europe for time-critical shipments. See details

GEODIS offers dedicated courier services in France and in Europe for time-critical shipping. See details

Truck on high way

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