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Returns management affects your business efficiency

Returns management is crucial for e-commerce retailers and integrated solutions are available

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The Online Marketplace: Staying Ahead of the Game

The Online Marketplace: Staying Ahead of the Game [Infographic]

Explore todays’ challenges and develop solutions for your online marketplace

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First and Last Mile Logistics – The Most Critical Aspects of The Supply Chain

Retailers became acutely aware of the importance of contingency planning and diversification of carriers, especially for the all-important first and last mile.
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Expanding your B2C e-commerce business to the European market

As global e-commerce booms, cross-border logistic solutions are more crucial than ever.

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For Online Marketplaces, Late Daily Order Cut-off Time is King!

From a start-up to a major Online Marketplace! [Case Study]

GEODIS’ expertise in local logistics markets and multiple logistics processes proved to be instrumental to ensure the marketplace commitment to its customers.
Drive Customer Loyalty with an efficient returns management solution

Drive Customer Loyalty with an efficient returns management solution

An easy returns process can influence a purchase decision and make you stand out.
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Why GEODIS's e-Logistics solution represents a new choice for retailers today

If there were ever a genuinely Herculean task facing operations and IT managers in retail today, it must be the creation and maintenance of an

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How to harness Big Data to get ahead in eCommerce ?

Why nailing the Big Data analytics game can do wonders for your business.

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Is your online marketplace geared up for holiday season?

Is your online marketplace geared up for holiday season?

With Christmas season coming, here are helpful reminders to fully catch this business opportunity

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Do you have the right inventory in the right place at the right time?

Discover our exclusive business case with a global manufacturer of luxury apparel
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Avoiding the Marketplace Gamble: e-Logistics and Readymade Fulfillment

Brands operating online strive to create high-quality, personalized customer experiences. The quality of those experiences effectively represents the brand: low-friction, pleasant, reliable, and informative


E-commerce : trouver le juste équilibre pour son stock de sécurité

Le calcul du stock de sécurité permet notamment d’éviter les ruptures de stock.

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