Center of Excellence Manager

Center of Excellence Manager: a key position in Supply Chain Optimization

The Center of Excellence (COE) Manager position is a key GEODIS position in the Supply Chain Optimization Line of Business. In Transport and Logistics, operations on the field are as essential as data and information management. The Center of Excellence Manager coordinates both external and internal stakeholders in the supply chain process in order to ensure a seamless logistics experience to customers.

COE Manager: operational and team management skills

GEODIS' Supply Chain Optimization Line of Business drives a number of Centers of Excellence along each of our clients’ supply chains. These centers, once called “control towers”, operate a common IT platform processed in a global network. They provide end-to-end visibility at every order stage and across multiple suppliers, together with the data needed for critical decisions.

Managing this kind of control tower involves both operational and team management competencies. The main objectives of these organizations are to meet customer needs in three key areas: visibility, the customer experience and network optimization.

Your role within the Center of Excellence

As a Center of Excellence Manager, you will manage transport plans. As such, you will stand as a unique and centralized contact for customers, subcontractors and subsidiaries, answering regular and special needs, and issuing reports to both external and GEODIS parties. To organize and optimize local, regional and international operations, you will be in charge of site activities inspection, assigning resources and distributing activities.

Your job is to ensure the achievement of committed objectives, plan and conduct negotiations, anticipate future trends and assess opportunities – in terms of new business, volume changes, impacts and risks to be addressed in the business. You must also take care of compliance with the company’s and clients’ Code of Ethics, ISO, LEAN, and the IIP standard.

In short, this function involves taking action to provide added value and optimize supply chain processes in order to achieve satisfactory service.

Your role as a manager

As a Center of Excellence Manager, a big part of your job is to define clear roles, directions, responsibilities, performance requirements and targets for your team. To achieve this, you will set up daily, weekly and monthly reviews, and define, delegate and prioritize the tasks.

You must also monitor performance through key performance indicators (KPIs), detect and suggest problem resolution as quickly and accurately as possible, as well as manage and drive high performance, objectives achievement and service quality through well-defined service metrics.

Key qualities: You have constant quest for innovative improvement, rigor, excellent relational capacities for managing teams and faultless sense of organization.

Center of Excellence Manager

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