GEODIS driver and delivery

GEODIS delivery driver: right to the customer's door

As a GEODIS truck delivery driver, you participate actively in building customer trust. This makes you a genuine ambassador of the GEODIS brand. You assume responsibility for the carriage of goods and transport them to the final delivery address. You then hand them over to the customer, only leaving once you have made sure the customer is satisfied.

Respect for regulations and the goods you carry

Part of your job will be to carry out deliveries along predefined route sectors in a manner that respects the latest regulatory and environmental requirements. Some of your key qualities will be attentiveness, the ability to listen well, and carefulness with regard to the goods you are responsible for.

“During the day, I have to deliver goods to several consignees, be they individuals or businesses. Sometimes, I am also in charge of pick-ups,” says Fabrice, summing up most of his typical daily tasks as a delivery driver at GEODIS.

An autonomous and well-supervised job

At GEODIS, the occupation of truck driver is a proper market job, and offers both daily rhythm and variety. Indeed, delivery drivers often confirm that time flies during their everyday routine, during which they enjoy great organizational autonomy. Unlike other jobs in the field of transport, the work is usually done during the day and not on week-ends, allowing for a better balance between family life and professional practice.

GEODIS trucks also use the best possible state-of-the-art equipment, and we renew our units every four years. Drivers are equipped with smartphones to track and trace deliveries, find customer contact information, and regularly monitor the achievement of their objectives. In addition, drivers have a trolley and a manual forklift at their disposal to facilitate handling operations.

Work for the number one company in the market

GEODIS has built a solid reputation in distribution and express deliveries, and occupies the number one position in the French market. Being a delivery driver requires organization, client attention, a good sense of direction as well as anticipation and the ability to analyze the complex, routine situations common to driver jobs. This includes difficult weather conditions and situations specific to short-range and last-mile deliveries (such as urban deliveries).

GEODIS driver and delivery

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