Labor Solutions

Labor Solutions

Increased competition in the labor market and record-low unemployment mean that the recruiting, hiring, developing, and retaining of your workforce requires real expertise. GEODIS can provide comprehensive warehouse labor resources ranging from pickers and packers to management-level resources such as HR, maintenance, IT, engineering, finance, and safety teams. Our campus-based warehousing model also enables us to easily shift labor resources in and out of your operation based on seasonal or fluctuating needs, resulting in the most cost-effective labor solutions.

Labor transition

Not every business should manage their own warehouse – it can take focus off your core business. We can use a labor-transition (sometimes called a labor takeover or a 'badge flip') to manage the workforce within your current warehouse. This will provide you with access to our labor staffing and management expertise, our campus-based network, our proven warehouse management process and our improvement initiatives.

Pay-for-Performance program

Part of our successful labor management activities involves enabling your workforce to strive for high performance and increased productivity. Our pay-for-performance programs, productivity dashboards, and our custom 'observation' app give us the insight to train your workforce for continuous improvement.

Managing peak labor demands

Finding a good ratio of permanent-to-temporary labor is a challenge for any warehouse operation, especially during peak seasons. We have competitive employee benefits, a powerful workforce management system and an extensive network of temporary agency partners. This gives us the ability to ensure that your business has the right workforce profile to meet the needs of your fluctuating volume and forecasts.

Labor Solutions

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