storage in a warehouse

Warehousing Services

When it comes to warehouse logistics, GEODIS offers flexible storage solutions close to logistics hub, picking and packing services, cross-dock operations, and KPI reporting for continuous improvement.

Our adapted warehousing solutions include , pall rack, storage at ambient or controlled temperature, bonded warehouses, and high-security zones for sensitive products.

Inventory management

Calculating the right amount of inventory to stock is crucial: it prevents you from dealing with unsold stock or out-of-stock situations that can impact your delivery promise to final customers. GEODIS can provide control of your stock levels according to market demands, and our advanced IT solutions ensure real-time visibility on your inventory movements across all channels. As stock counting is a key process for warehouses quality policy, GEODIS has codeveloped GEODIS Countbot, a smart solution combining robotics and drone technology, to perform this fastidious task easily and accurately.

Bonded warehouses (customs brokerage)

GEODIS owns a number of strategically-located bonded warehousing facilities. They will allow you to reduce your customs costs (the duty payment is postponed) and improve delivery lead time. With GEODIS also providing freight forwarding solutions, you will have one logistics partner to ensure every aspect of foreign trade: transportation, customs brokerage, warehousing, and distribution.

Campus-based warehousing

A campus is a network of multi-tenant, warehouse operations located within close proximity of each other. Our campus-based warehousing model offers you increased flexibility and cost savings by 'sharing' key resources across the campus. Our strategic campus locations across the globe also provide the fulfillment capability to meet your fulfillment demands and fast-shipping requirements.

Pop-up warehousing for peak seasons

Pop-up warehouses are temporary, strategically-placed facilities that provide extra operational space to address volume surges, most often during peak seasons. You can leverage a pop-up warehouse in a different region to reduce shipping charges and speed up your final-mile transit time. The flexibility of our pop-up warehouses give you the backbone for a growth-enabled supply chain, ready to meet the ever-changing volume demands in your business.

Technology within our warehouses

We support our warehouses with a variety of technology systems, including our warehouse management system (WMS). Our IT tools eliminate the need to invest in redundant, inadequate, or antiquated IT resources, providing you with the benefits of our continuous investments in improving and adding features to our technology.

storage in a warehouse

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