GEODIS agency
GEODIS agency
Tue 15/09/2015 - 12:00

GEODIS Distribution & Express opens new Bordeaux agency

On Tuesday 15 September, GEODIS Distribution & Express opens a new agency in Bordeaux, at a ceremony attended by Marie-Christine Lombard, GEODIS CEO, and Olivier Mélot, executive VP of GEODIS Distribution & Express. This larger and more modern new site is located at Bruges.

At the end of August 2015, the GEODIS Distribution & Express Bordeaux agency moved into a new building in Bruges, near the previous site. The new premises, with a work floor measuring 10,500 square meters, are more spacious, more modern, and more environment-friendly.

The new agency handles distribution throughout the Gironde region of western France and offers a transport plan of 50 daily routes covering the whole of France, Spain and Portugal, for 1,200 customers. With a total of 70 daily distribution rounds, it provide direct link-through to GEODIS domestic and international networks.

The Bordeaux agency also offers a special program and full services for its vine-growing, château and wine merchant customers, to ensure their products enjoy the best possible conditions. There is a dedicated organization for wines and spirits at the agency.

In the words of Olivier Mélot, executive VP of GEODIS Distribution & Express, “The move to the new site fits in with our program on regular modernization for our production systems and continuous improvement in both employee and customer satisfaction, true to the GEODIS corporate social responsibility drive. This investment, coupled with the dynamism of our regional team, testifies to our determination on becoming a major player in logistics support for local and national businesses.”

Pride of place to innovation
The Bordeaux agency innovates to ensure top-quality for its customers. For example, there's a new 267-meter sorting chain handling up to 15,000 packages per day, and a new security system with 88 cameras providing all-round CCTV coverage.

Key figures :
- Square meters bay surface area:10,500
- Bay stations: 139
- Worforce: 160
- Dispatches per day: 1,800


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