GEODIS warehouse
GEODIS warehouse
Wed 15/04/2015 - 12:00

GEODIS is working with the Heineken Group to extract full value from its quality process

This year the safety process which is securely anchored in HEINEKEN Entreprise has received its own dedicated theme, on the occasion of its transport day, jointly organised with GEODIS, its flow manager.

The event took place in February 2015 on Heineken’s site in Marseille (La Valentine) and was an opportunity to bring added value to the agreements between HEINEKEN, its flow manager GEODIS and the carrier community. A day planned around safety workshops and run by GEODIS trainers.

The transport session enabled us to strengthen interaction between groups as diverse as senior management, site staff, customer service, purchasing and carriers. The wearing of PPE*, safety protocols, sheeting/unsheeting, freight lashing and safe sharing of space between forklift operators and those on foot formed some of the topics covered and appreciated by guests. The participation rate of nearly 75% is evidence of the commitment of carriers to HEINEKEN Entreprise’s quality process.

A highlight of the year for GEODIS and HEINEKEN Entreprise, this day’s event was to reward the best carriers as assessed by the results of the past season. 2015 will see a strengthening of the partnership between HEINEKEN Entreprise, its flow manager GEODIS and the carriers. It is with this in mind that a resource exchange will be set up in the coming weeks. GEODIS and HEINEKEN Entreprise have rolled out a system enabling carriers to offer the right capacity at the right time for the right destination. Once more, it is the safety angle which prevails: ensuring safe flows in the service of the end customer remains the common interest of all parties brought together on this day.

“The success of this session confirms GEODIS’ flow management strategy” says Olivier Royer, Executive Vice President GEODIS Road Transport.
“Safety is an on-going process at all times: safety of our employees, of our carriers’ drivers and of our goods, and security of our information flows. The 2015 safety day has been a great shared success” explains Nicolas Noël, Central Logistics Manager at HEINEKEN Entreprise.
*Personal Protection Equipment


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