GEODIS track and trace tool

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GEODIS is recognized for its expertise and mastery of all aspects of the supply chain. Our core competency is supply chain optimization, every step of the way. To achieve this, we use our five lines of business to apply our expertise in the following areas: Supply Chain Optimization, Intercontinental Transportation and Customs Clearance, Road Freight Transportation, Warehousing Management and Distribution.

Our services make us a true growth partner for our customers. We listen, and then we design innovative solutions that optimize economic, operational and environmental supply chain performance. We also manage our customers’ supply chain by providing end-to-end solutions through our infrastructure, our people, our processes and our systems.


GEODIS track and trace tool

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E-commerce: six reasons to outsource your logistics

e-Commerce has enjoyed unprecedented growth over recent years. But faced with the new challenges inherent to online sales, including stock management, order preparation or the processing of customer returns, many companies have found themselves tied up with the many different facets of e-commerce logistics.
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