GEODIS employee carrying bulk

Bulk Transportation of Beer

For the last 40 years, GEODIS has managed the bulk shipment of beer across Europe for several major producers. We deliver to the largest European festivals and events using overland, railway, waterway, and maritime routes. This type of alcohol delivery logistics requires true expertise in long-distance refrigerated transportation to maintain the product’s quality and ensure the delivery of large quantities during peak seasons.

Trained drivers and a focus on food safety

We use trained drivers for this type of transportation, and our tracking tools will help you follow your goods all along their route. Our commitment to food safety also strong, and we have received HACCP certification.

Dedicated resources exclusively for beer and yeast transportation

In addition to the bulk transportation of beer, we also transport brewer’s yeast in dedicated tanks which can be cleaned by our network of resources around Europe. Beer is transported and kept in containers with a capacity of between 250 and 330 hectoliters. We also develop marketing and innovative technical solutions to meet customer requirements in this area.

GEODIS employee carrying bulk

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