gas transport GEODIS truck

Chemicals and Gas Transportation

GEODIS combines partnership with leaders in the chemical and gas industries with recognized expertise in the bulk and packaged transportation of liquid chemicals and gas to provide this service. Every year, we ship around 3,335,000 tons of liquid and gaseous products throughout Europe. We also develop customized transportation solutions for delicate goods that guarantee security, quality, and flexibility.

Security is our priority

Securely transporting your goods is our number one priority, and our approach has been recognized: 20 of our European sites have been SQAS-tested and 8 are OHSAS 18001-certified. We can guide you through the enforcement of transportation regulations and organize safety campaigns for your customers.

Multimodal solutions for all chemical and gas products

We ship all types of bulk and packaged goods throughout Europe (ADR and non-ADR), including chemical products, industrial and medical gases, and LP gas. We also handle the distribution of lubricants and AdBlue. Thanks to our European network of dedicated sites, our trained, certified drivers guarantee the safe shipment of your goods.

Additional services

In addition to transportation, we can also store your goods in different forms (dedicated containers, barrels, pallets, IBC containers, etc.) and manage your liquid waste. We also have access to a European network of EFTCO-certified interior tank cleaning stations.

gas transport GEODIS truck

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