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A Responsible Employer Committed to Playing its Role in the Society

At GEODIS, we are committed to having a positive social and societal impact by promoting the physical and mental well-being and development of our employees and the community. GEODIS has more than 41,000 employees in 67 countries who share the same values of commitment, passion, solidarity, trust and innovation. We ensure the safety of everyone at all times, overseeing employee satisfaction and fostering their professional development. We emphasize diversity and especially professional gender equality as important issues across the Group. As a worldwide operator, we are also aware of the responsibility we have to engage and contribute to society. We are committed to helping the most disadvantaged people and participating in initiatives to protect the planet, as well as to ensure a healthy life for all.


Focusing on physical and mental well-being

“Ensure the safety of our people anywhere and at any time” is one of our 7 Golden Rules. At GEODIS, safety risks are specific to each activity. Each Line of Business has therefore developed a strong culture of occupational safety – both on the road and on-site – and it applies its own safety management systems to best fit each activity. Protecting employees’ physical well-being requires the implementation of prevention plans that include the regular evaluation of Health and Safety risks, the development of certifications – in particular ISO 45001 – continuous improvement in equipment and individual gear, and continued awareness-raising through training and informational campaigns. We regularly organize challenges to recognize best performances in this area, both internally and with clients.

Promoting diversity and equal opportunity

At GEODIS, we are aware of our responsibility when it comes to the economy and to employment. Therefore, we act as a role model in promoting diversity and workplace equality. In an activity sector that is traditionally male, the Group is committed to gender diversity. Specifically, we have initiated a continuous improvement approach by relying on the Gender Equality European International Standard (GEEIS) reference, in which nine countries are listed.

In 2013, GEODIS created the GEODIS Women’s Network: a designated network to promote the emergence of more women in management positions by developing the potential of female employees and supporting them in their professional growth.

Professional equality also includes the integration or re-integration of people with disabilities and professional insertion. In light of this, GEODIS is developing partnerships to assist people who have been away from the business world to return to stable professional employment.

Encouraging commitment to the community

Being a good citizen is also about committing to the most underprivileged people and participating in initiatives to protect the planet. GEODIS’ teams share common values and mobilize to raise funds, but also to offer their time, their skills and material resources to those who need them. It’s thanks to their energy that these community actions have been created and are long-lasting. They are a great source of pride for the Group.

a men look at the photographer

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