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Flow Management: Perpetual Movement

GEODIS' experience in the automotive industry helps us expertly orchestrate the flow of your products, whether partly or completely, along the entire supply chain. Our supply chain Flow Management offer is based on your specific needs, which means we only set up services that will bring true value to your business. And because Flow Management is about continuous optimization and movement control, all of our activities are supported by complete track & trace visibility.


Improved network design and flows

Before we manage your flows, we consider all options to improve your network design, taking into consideration all of your production and sales constraints. Then, our industry experts, international presence and flow management operations address your stock holding issues. We will keep deliveries coming to the door of your plant as regularly as you would like, within the time frames required by a fast-moving production line.

GEODIS can take your products straight from your supplier’s warehouse to a consolidation center dedicated to full and empty containers, then ship them to a GEODIS facility or sub-assembler, plant or post production warehouse, and finally deliver them to the end customer. We will track all of these smooth flows, providing you with access to all of the information through a single point of contact and an online visibility tool.

Optimized costs, lower risk and real-time

The benefits of flow management include optimized costs, risk anticipation and increased flexibility and agility in inbound operations to a GEODIS facility or plant-feed services, including delivery to a sub-assembler or plant.

Flow management is about making sure every transportation mode achieves the same accuracy. Product flows must be closely monitored to achieve financial benefit and cost optimization. This is why GEODIS uses proven processes to supply real-time information and supply chain visibility.

Advanced IT solutions for full monitoring and control

We push information to efficiently, so you don't have to go searching for the latest shipment status. We do this through our GeoFlow IT solution, a technology that helps us to achieve end-to-end visibility through a premium service that consists of:

A Core Application (API) that allows:

  • Order management and supplier allocation
  • Appointment management (customer & third party)
  • Proactive alert management operational reports
  • Supplier pre-invoicing & invoice matching

A Web Portal with:

  • A customer-dedicated portal
  • End-to-end supply chain visibility and events
  • Tracking with an agreed and unique ID

Business Analytics including:

  • Dashboards
  • Performance reports (e.g. On Time Ship/Delivery, Pick-up vs. appointment...)
  • Finance P2P O2C (e.g. Supplier back-ups)
  • Ad-hoc extracts

This Electronic Data Interchange platform supports ERP document formats and provides live flow monitoring. Our other Advanced IT Systems manage events and exceptions end-to-end from a mobile application that sends out alerts and notifications, including escalation. We also organize business review meetings to define shipment and resource planning and keep your flow management needs up to date and optimized.

conversation between colleagues at the office

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