containers in a harbor by night

Multimodal and Cross-border Transport with perfect visibility

In the automotive industry, cross-border logistics demands expertise and visibility. However, every country has different laws, regulations and specific documentation requirements – transport must be planned accordingly while mitigating the risk of possible delays due to customs clearance. These complexities and costs increase even further when multimodal transport is involved.

Services throughout Europe, China, South East Asia, the USA and Mexico

GEODIS can help you and your suppliers handle multimodal and cross-border transport across Europe, China and South East Asia, as well as throughout the USA and Mexico.

In Europe, our inbound and outbound multimodal freight movement focuses on land transport, and mainly combines Rail and Road. Outside the EU, GEODIS' many cross-border operations involve multimodal transport that includes all surface transport as well as Sea and Air. These services can include frequent departures, security, door-to-door service, LTL/FTL and track & trace visibility.

No matter how many countries are involved, we can collect products from a number of suppliers and warehouses and take them to consolidation centers. There, they will be loaded onto Road/Rail/Sea/Air containers to be dispatched via cross-dock and shipped to different sub-assemblers or plants for final delivery, or even to line-feed operations. Our proven methods and IT systems will make sure everything goes as planned.

Complete and real-time end-to-end visibility

Cross-border shipments can be made through a variety of transport modes that depend on issues such as time, cost, norms and peak seasons. They may therefore also need to clear customs in a number of different countries up to last-mile delivery.

We provide end-to-end flow tracking from overseas warehousing in good storage conditions to global shipping operations. GeoFlow, our fully-integrated IT solution, provides complete, real-time end-to-end visibility and flow management to help you keep an eye on all operations. Our proven system is always in place to monitor all shipments and every booking. As always, the service comes with a single point of contact.

containers in a harbor by night

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