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Speed to Market

When demand fluctuates dramatically, you need to be able to react quickly to get your products on the shelves. They must be available everywhere and immediately, in stores or online. Our Speed to Market offer gives our customers a flexible transport and logistics network to tackle shorter promotional operations and faster product launches.

Flexible solutions that adapt to market changes

Our objectives are the same as yours: optimized inventories, customized products according to your local offers and markets, the appropriate modes of transport and flexible solutions that constantly adapt to changes in your market. At the same time, maintaining inventory at the lowest possible level is critical for improving the productivity of our customers' supply chain in a highly competitive market. The market must be reached on time, especially when launching promotional offers or responding to strong fluctuations in demand.

Proven IT tools to ensure that your products are available on shelves

Our customers must be able to constantly access information flows when bringing products from production plants to customer warehouses or to the end consumer. The reliability of tracking information and alerts is therefore key to the supply continuity of your goods, allowing you to anticipate and set up alternative solutions when necessary. GEODIS provides proven IT systems and track & trace tools to monitor the supply chain in real time in line with your requirements.

Maximum flexibility is also required when anticipating seasonal peaks to ensure operational excellence at all times, especially during promotional offers. GEODIS meets this challenge every day, relying in particular on the optimal management of human resources.

Tailored inventory solutions to meet complex challenges

GEODIS uses its expertise to distribute your products to the right place at the right time, flawlessly. This means that your inventory will be less of a financial burden. To achieve this, we offer tailored solutions to cope with complex challenges: your workflow can be managed by Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI), cross-docking or through direct supply from a supplier’s stock.

Maximum scalability

High-frequency purchasing, fluctuating volumes and continuous changes within the mass market sector require the implementation of an agile supply chain. Therefore, we adapt our operational resources to your needs, whatever the mode of transport used. We are able to customize your products and their delivery to the specific needs of the final consignee (specialized delivery at the point of sale).

We do this through an integrated solution from design to execution, up to the last mile of delivery. Our Control Tower service allows you to monitor, in real time, the optimized use of inventory and storage, with a single point of contact.

conveyor belt picking postal boxe

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