an employee quickly controls products with his barcode reader

Secure End-to-End Network

GEODIS offers its customers end-to-end transport and logistics solutions adapted to the nature of High Tech products in terms of value, security, safety and confidentiality.  As your growth partner, GEODIS strives to be your ambassador by preserving the integrity of your products and brand through the implementation of the highest security standards throughout the supply chain.

Secure networks with safety, speed and reliability

GEODIS' solutions for High Tech products are driven by secure networks. We guarantee:

  • A selection of the best solutions in terms of multimodal and cross-border transport (method, cost, and deadline)
  • Orchestration of your flows and end-to-end visibility
  • Implementation of the market’s highest standards: Custom Trade Partnership Against Terrorism, TAPA A Warehouses, Trucking Security Requirement 1
  • Consolidation of goods – whether at origin or at destination – on our 'merge in transit' (MIT, CFS) or cross-dock platforms in order to consolidate and optimize shipment

Our Control Tower service provides optimal monitoring of these operations: a turnkey service to record, track and manage all transport flows.

Multimodal services with integrity and security

GEODIS offers domestic, cross-border and international solutions for your High Tech products, with the most suitable door-to-door modes of transport in terms of time, capacity, security and regulatory requirements. At origin, we strive to consolidate your shipments to streamline customs processes and benefit from economies of scale. At destination, your shipments are deconsolidated and delivered to your final consignee with all the necessary documents and invoices.

GEODIS also provides specialized offers for the delivery of your technological products: in hospitals for medical equipment, at the point of use for reproduction and printing products, in clean rooms for your servers, etc. Beyond optimization, we aim to anticipate the unexpected and offer greater logistical flexibility and agility. Beyond transport, we are committed to assessing and then helping you reduce your carbon footprint or helping you use your own logistics service offering to differentiate from your competitors when it comes to deliveries from origin to last mile.

As always, our services are provided through a single point of contact.

an employee quickly controls products with his barcode reader

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