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Flow Management and Enterprise logistics Solutions

GEODIS orchestrates the flow of products, partly or completely, along the entire supply chain until they reach the shelves. Our Flow Management & Enterprise Solutions offer is not only just about controlling movement. It also involves root cause analysis and pro-active actions to improve your supply chain, with an approach that includes visibility, our Control Tower services and efficient IT solutions.

When it comes to flow management, our range of experts and international presence enable our customers to address stock holding issues. We can keep deliveries coming to the door of your store within required time frames throughout the year, and especially during peak activity. To achieve this, inventory information is key.

A Control Tower with Enterprise Solutions and a single point of contact

Flow management is not just about freight forwarding. To actually achieve financial benefit and cost optimization, product flows must be closely monitored, with real-time information and supply chain visibility. This is why GEODIS uses a Control Tower approach and proven IT solutions to achieve the best flow management possible.

GEODIS' Control Tower features key services in planning, execution, finance and performance, enabling you to receive orders, monitor execution, invoice, or manage quality and improvement through analytics. The Control Tower will also help you set up, manage and supervise operations on the field. GEODIS can take your products straight from your supplier’s warehouse to a consolidation center and then deliver them to the end customer. GEODIS also carefully tracks all of these smooth flows, and provides you with access to the information through comprehensive IT Enterprise solutions and a single point of contact.

Advanced IT systems

We use a proactive approach to predict deviations in the supply chain and inform you in an efficient manner, so that you do not have to keep checking the status to find out if products are running late or require alternate solutions. Our GeoFlow technology also helps achieve end-to-end visibility. This premium service consists of:

  • A Core Application (API)
  • A Web Portal
  • Business Analytics
  • An Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) platform that supports ERP document formats and provides live flow monitoring

Our Advanced IT Systems manage events and exceptions end-to-end from a mobile application that send alerts and notifications, including escalation. We also organize business review meetings to define shipment and resource planning and keep your flow management needs up to date.

employees in an open space in front of their computer

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