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Solution Center Manager: ensuring perfect results for the customer and GEODIS

The core business of the Contract Logistics’ Information Systems department involves applications for managing flow and warehouse operations, more commonly known as WMS, for Warehouse Management System. This logistics provider line of business reactor core is often connected to other applications, such as transport management systems (TMS), or tools for reporting or monitoring, which ensure traceability and visibility throughout the logistics chain.

Within this information systems department, the IT solutions center’s mission is to develop solutions to meet the needs expressed by operational teams with due respect for timelines and budgets. Its activity rests on three pillars: a projects activity for formulating responses to invitations to bid and deploying solutions, an application management activity and a support activity (user support, after-sale support, functional expertise).

A customized solution for each project

In this context, as manager of an IT solutions center, you guarantee your internal clients flawless service quality and recommendations for solutions that are scalable to adapt to new demands or constraints of the line of business. To do this, you embody the Group’s values and direct your team to follow them: commitment, passion, solidarity, trust and innovation. You also ensure the development of your employee’s skills, from both a technical (IT) point of view and a “business” (logistics) point of view in order to provide our clients with the most appropriate responses to their requests. 

Develop cutting-edge solutions

The diversity of your contacts’ activity (sales, research, engineering, operation, etc.) and our clients’ activity sectors (Mass distribution, e-commerce, Industry, Health, Automobile, etc.), will provide you with personal enrichment and fresh experiences with each new project. Furthermore, the continuous evolution in logistics and associated technologies (Internet of things, robotics, 3D printing, drones, artificial intelligence) put this business on the cutting edge of innovation, a stakeholder in the promise that we make to our clients to be their growth partner. 

Man codes on a computer

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