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Offering efficient, environmentally friendly logistics is a challenge, but not a pipe dream

How can you make your company's logistics greener?

Four steps to take with your logistics partner to better reconcile logistics efficiency and CSR
Sustainable Aviation Fuels, a new pathway for shippers to decarbonize air freight

Sustainable Aviation Fuels, a new pathway to decarbonize

What is SAF and why is it a great tool for goods owners to act sustainably ?

Alexander Höglund 2022 by Alexander Höglund

Innovation pays

GEODIS: A global leader in CSR

Leading the path in four areas : the environment, labor practices and human rights, fair business practices, and sustainable procurement.
Energie alternative

Alternative energies: when GEODIS runs on natural gas

We have been committed to the use of vehicles running on natural gas since they first appeared over ten years ago, and GEODIS now has
Circular Economy

Circular Economy and Logistics

Nowadays, the product life cycle becomes shorter and shorter due to the development of technologies and faster distribution cycles.