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LCL Ocean Shipping

Why LCL Ocean Shipping May Be the Right Solution for Your Supply Chain

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Cargo Ship

Why LCL Ocean Shipping May Be the Right Solution for Your Supply Chain

Needing to ship cargo overseas but don't have enough product to fill a full container? Struggling with the challenges of today's unpredictable ocean freight climate

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cargo port

Global shipping congestion calls for greater visibility

No one can predict the future, so tomorrow's freight leaders are acting boldly today

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Don't exacerbate delays by overlooking the customs side of shipping

It's imperative that importers have customs documents in order long before shipments arrive at congested ports

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GEODIS' IRIS Real-Time Track and Trace

Real-Time Track and Trace: GEODIS' IRIS

GEODIS is focused on bringing you industry-leading technology with our IRIS platform.
A full supply chain, including air cargo, ocean cargo, and freight

Preparing for Peak Season: 3 Things Impacting Supply Chains Today

2021 is a year of continued supply chain disruption across industries, and with peak season approaching, now is the time for retailers to examine current
Christmas Boxes

The Push for Peak Shipping is Here and Now

Christmas and peak shipping season may still be several months away, but the time to prepare is right now.

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Sustainability Blog

A Commitment to Supply Chain Sustainability

Sustainability, an area that many organizations are looking to implement into their daily operations. Wherever your organization stands with its sustainability journey, it is not

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Answering Your E-Commerce Questions

2020 was quite a challenging year, not just for us all but also for importers and exporters shipping goods by all means of transport internationally

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