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As a renowned expert in retail and e-commerce solutions, we put our knowledge and expertise together to allow our customers to make flexible decisions. This make it easy for them to change their minds if necessary and to adapt to alternate channels.

Our B2C services (last mile, same day, etc.) use best-in-class technology to provide reliable transport & logistics solutions, with full visibility every step of the way.

From traditional in-store retailers to e-commerce channels, retail businesses are constantly looking for new ways to improve the customer experience – and thereby increase their sales. Today, delivery mechanisms are playing an increasingly important role in that equation, as consumers look to shorten the time between purchase and consumption. GEODIS is able to meet this need with our Same Day solution based on sourcing an e-commerce order from a local store location. Se detaljer

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Véhicules autonomes et robots collaboratifs : des solutions d’avenir en entrepôt

Selvkørende biler og samarbejdende robotter: Løsninger til lagre i dag


Longtemps le symbole d’un futur lointain, les robots et véhicules autonomes sont aujourd’hui de plus en plus une réalité et recèlent un potentiel considérable de transformation de l’industrie e

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