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Innovation is one of GEODIS’ key values. This value is especially important when it comes to Industrial Projects – each complex and challenging project comes with its own set of unique requirements. Our industry focus is vital in this area, and innovative engineering is a key success factor for these mega infrastructure projects.

GEODIS’ Industrial Projects serves customers with complex, oversized, extra-heavy transport requirements. Our dedicated network of more than 600 specialists located in 40 countries provides expert Industrial Projects services across all major industries, with a specific focus on seven industry segments: Rail, Infrastructure, Renewables, Oil & Gas, Mining, Nuclear and Power.

We serve the Oil & Gas segment through our own up-, mid- and downstream supply chain experts. These specialists in Industrial Project management and logistics are also highly qualified to deal with the large components and products in the Nuclear Fuel Cycle, both front and back end. We also provide dedicated solutions for the Power, Mining and Renewable Energy segments, on- and offshore wind farms, and the Rail Industry, where we cover rolling stock, signalization, civil works and more.

Our global network of Industrial Projects experts can plan, engineer and execute your projects – wherever they are in the world, and under the most challenging climate and infrastructure conditions.

GEODIS has solved one of the biggest challenges facing project freight forwarders across the globe: how do you maintain cost control for the customer while ensuring clear and reliable visibility on the project's charter activities? We achieve this control and visibility through our Global and Regional Charter Desks. Se detaljer

Many of our customer's projects require unique engineering from equipment design to transport plans. At GEODIS, we focus on transportation engineering solutions for projects in virtually all sectors, with a clear emphasis on safety, project management and improving productivity. Se detaljer

GEODIS is committed to ensuring that Industrial Projects are executed in an absolutely safe and compliant manner. Our risk management process is therefore essential as we protect the interests of our customers. Of course, the more challenging and complex a project is, the more important it is to prevent risks. This requires careful planning, and that is what our Risk Assessment and Compliance service offers. Se detaljer

GEODIS' Industrial Projects team introduced Super Heavy Lift services to meet market demands for heavy lifting and complicated projects. In fact, we are the first freight forwarding company in the industry to offer these specific capabilities to customers. The service is particularly designed for projects that include single cargo weights of over 800 tons combined with other project logistics challenges, such as out-of-gauge equipment, extreme weather conditions and lack of destination infrastructure. Se detaljer

grue de chargement pour bateau

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