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Købsordre og forhandlerstyring

Purchase Order and Vendor Management manages your orders through a virtual network that connects GEODIS staff, your company and service providers across all regions for improved processes, comprehensive business intelligence and greater visibility.

Transparency and control at every stage

We can monitor and control your purchase orders on an item level, ensuring transparent information flow from the initial order to Information on Delivery (IOD). We can also enhance your processes through customized workflows and a collaboration portal that includes rules for over/under deliveries, split delivery tracking, article registers, automated alerting and escalation, file sharing and more.

Ekspertcenter for logistik

Véhicules autonomes et robots collaboratifs : des solutions d’avenir en entrepôt

Selvkørende biler og samarbejdende robotter: Løsninger til lagre i dag


Longtemps le symbole d’un futur lointain, les robots et véhicules autonomes sont aujourd’hui de plus en plus une réalité et recèlent un potentiel considérable de transformation de l’industrie e

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