GEODIS in Italy

GEODIS in Italy

GEODIS, a worldwide Transport and Logistics leader, supports its clients in Italy with customized solutions spanning a large range of services: Overland Transport, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Express & Parcel Deliveries.
The passion that drives our teams, their expertise and their knowledge of your markets guarantee a constant commitment.

Key Figures

Locations: 34
Employees: 2,407
Warehouses: 20
Warehousing spaces: 675,500 sqm
Volume of Air shipments (in tones): 11,357
Volume of FCL shipments (in TEUs): 23,186
Own fleet : 237



ISO 9001: Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics
ISO 14001: Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics
OHSAS 18001                                             

Centre d'expertise logistique

Automotive: 4 solutions for making your supply chain more flexible

Automobile : Quatre solutions pour rendre la supply chain plus agile


En 2017, le marché de l’automobile a crû pour la quatrième année consécutive pour atteindre 97,3 millions de véhicules (+2,4 % vs 2016).

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