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Oplossingen voor distributievervoer

GEODIS offers a variety of distribution transport and logistics solutions for your shipping needs. Combined with our flexible pick-up times and operational efficiency, our best-in-class tools will allow you to easily manage and track your shipments, providing you with a competitive edge. These solutions are enhanced by a full array of high value additional services.

Eurofirst facilitates European development for our customers. The service simplifies courier delivery to 35 European countries by guaranteeing consistent quality across its network. It is a simple and reliable offer that provides better control over your flow of regulated goods. Details bekijken

As a Distribution transport expert and the final link in the GEODIS supply chain, we represent your brand towards your customers. We offer a wide selection of product delivery options, full geographic coverage and the comprehensive management of your packages straight to the customer's door – effectively, optimizing your transportation needs. This helps bring you closer to your customers by combining operational efficiencies, excellent customer relations and innovative online customer solutions. Details bekijken

Expertisecentrum logistiek

Véhicules autonomes et robots collaboratifs : des solutions d’avenir en entrepôt

Autonome voertuigen en samenwerkende robots: oplossingen voor moderne magazijnen



Longtemps le symbole d’un futur lointain, les robots et véhicules autonomes sont aujourd’hui de plus en plus une réalité et recèlent un potentiel considérable de transformation de l’industrie e

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