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Expert reconnu dans tous les modes de transport terrestres et fluviaux, nos solutions incluent le transport par route, rail, barge mais aussi les formalités douanières, la logistique in situ et le pilotage de flux.

En Europe, nous exploitons une flotte en propre de près de 5 000 véhicules (tracteurs, semi-remorques et porteurs), 350 caisses mobiles et près de 500 000 m² de surface d’entreposage.Au-delà du pilotage de flux physiques, nous avons une expertise reconnue dans la gestion des flux d'information qui nous permet d'optimiser constamment vos plans de transport.

En tant que partenaire de votre croissance, GEODIS vous procure des solutions créatrices de valeur en termes de supply chain.

Road transport is at the heart of our industry and makes up a large component of the services we offer. As an experienced trucking company, GEODIS' Road Transport Solutions offer qualified drivers, a fleet of vehicles, and a charter network to guarantee flexibility, responsiveness, and high capacity transportation. From standard to more personalized solutions, we aim for operational excellence, and we put your deadline and cost constraints first. Se information

As a pioneer in green logistics and multimodal transportation, we use our expertise to make your logistics more sustainable. Our combined transport service offers advantages such as increased transportation capacities, reduced costs, faster transit times and a smaller carbon footprint. We guarantee seamless, flexible and secure operations, even when shipping large volumes.  Se information

GEODIS offers a comprehensive range of specialized transport solutions that are tailored to your industry-specific needs. Our teams can organize delivery using almost any kind of specialized transport, in compliance with the required rules and regulations. These transportation solutions and expertise are complemented by our cross-dock and storage services as well as client activities such as loading operations. Our aim is to create value for our customers, helping them gain a competitive advantage. Se information

In addition to providing transport services, GEODIS' goal is to guide the strategic organization of your supply chain. GEODIS can therefore support you in the strategic, tactical and operational management of your transport flows through the digitalization of our solutions and services, our specialized teams of experts, and our own TMS and efficient transport resources. Se information

Camion GEODIS devant un entrepôt

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