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Product Life Cycle Management

Our Product Life Cycle Management (PLM) solutions apply to all of your High-Tech products throughout their life cycle. Since these products have a high value and renewal rate, GEODIS offers assembly, customization, maintenance and recycling services.

Support throughout the product life cycle

Our goal is to support you throughout the life cycle of your High-Tech products. We can use our cost-effective configuration and customization services to handle your High-Tech equipment and software, even before it is set up. Our technical experts can recondition, reconfigure and prepare products for new users throughout their life cycles. We also manage exchanges, repairs under warranty and replacement parts for your clients, and we can open a hotline managed by our specialists at your and your clients’ disposal.

At the end of a life cycle, we manage all operations aimed at giving a second life to your products or their components: uninstallation at the customer site, erasing data, repackaging, dismantling, recovery and testing of spare parts, etc. Finally, we can organize their remarketing, resale or recycling in full compliance with the various environmental laws and certifications of the industry’s main manufacturers.

Our proven and global methodology will help you reduce your shipping costs, extend the life of your products, upgrade your obsolete equipment and generate new sources of revenue.

Key advantages

Key advantages of our Product Life Cycle Management approach include:

  • Differentiation of your product in response to the specific needs of your customers
  • Reliability of our repair and maintenance services for your customers
  • Increased income through reuse, recycling, and giving your product a second life on the market
  • Reduced costs for your logistics services
  • Optimized product value through new sales channels

We use our Control Tower service to optimally supervise these operations. This is a turnkey way to record, track and process your finished products’ flows and other components of the product life cycle logistics value chain.

As always, our services are provided through a single point of contact.


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