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GEODIS Freight Forwarder: moving from client needs to expert operations

As a GEODIS Freight Forwarder, you deliver and support operations and processes such as transport and customs clearance on behalf of the customer. You also troubleshoot issues that arise while goods are in transit. The purpose of this position is to deliver outstanding service to the client by coordinating shipments and taking care of any specific requirements, such as e-services, to keep them satisfied and informed throughout the entire shipment process.

Delivering freight services

An expert in customer needs, import and export operations and business excellence

Freight forwarding implies understanding customer needs (such as specific warehouse requirements) as well as market constraints and regulations across all of the different countries involved in each specific operation.

As a Freight Forwarder, you are therefore an expert in import and export operations: you select the appropriate carrier, negotiate rates, coordinate shipments and communicate with customs brokers to check customs clearance. These are just a few of the tasks that you must master to fulfill the assigned objectives.

You are also required to show proof of quality management and business excellence, whether this means account management that relies on customer service, such as fast and accurate quotations, or third-party relationships that involve pricing and tariffs, negotiation, finance and administration (credit management, billing).

Enforcing policies, processes and procedures

You must be able to provide a clear overview of operational activities in line with GEODIS and industry policies and procedures. Our freight forwarders also gather documents and information and provide their proper, on-time handover to the right contacts, intermediaries and correspondents.

A good knowledge of airfreight, sea freight and road freight processes, both import and export, are very important as well. This is because you will need to break down freight shipping documents to calculate charges, establish invoices and credit memos. You must also show a sense of teamwork as you use a win-win approach to promote collaboration and sustain close relationships with business partners. This job also requires a strong ability to adapt to a variety of situations and to work effectively with a large number of people and groups.


Employee in safety jacket controlling containers

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