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Logistics Consulting, Flow Management and Control Tower

GEODIS has vast management expertise in  Aerospace and Defense logistics, with experts committed to optimizing your supply chain. We'll support you with an all-inclusive offer for managing your purchase orders and invoices while improving your service.

Information and product security

In the aviation, space, and defense sectors, some of the main logistical challenges arise from the confidential and sensitive nature of the transported equipment. GEODIS ensures information and product security during every step of the process, from start to finish.

Logistics consulting

Our specialized consulting department uses is operational expertise combined with a thorough knowledge of geographical areas to provide:

  • The incorporation of logistics at the onset of a factory’s design
  • Logistical expertise in production
  • Logistical expertise in spare parts
  • Transportation expertise (Air, Ocean, Road, Express, etc.)
  • Customs expertise

Control tower: planning, execution and coordination

This market in particular demands a vision for global flow to manage and successfully execute ongoing operations around the world. Whether you need us to focus on pure logistics or maintenance, we'll manage your vision through our Control Tower service which enables us to:

  • Consult and retrieve all information
  • Make better decisions
  • Provide increased reactivity
  • Fulfill commitments in terms of deadlines, expenses, and quality
  • Provide quotes and estimates easily and quickly

4PL: visibility, optimization and control

4PL or LLP supply chain management solutions are traditionally global, and usually aim to reduce complexity, improve operational efficiency, and optimize expenses with a single point of contact.

At GEODIS, we assume complete responsibility for these solutions. We make a commitment in terms of expenses (projects and operations) and respect for service levels (performance, connectivity, visibility, and reporting), while also providing a billing interface between our customers and each of the providers.

This offer is specially designed for customers looking to implement integrated logistics within an optimized operational model to significantly improve the performance of their supply chain. It also reflects current and future trends in this market:

  • Globalization: Global supply, production and assembly facilities spread throughout the world, and the entry of products into new markets.
  • Reduced inventory: Downsizing supply, and strategic coherence between production and supply teams.
  • New technologies: End-to-end visibility of the supply chain, information systems, and standardized global tools.
  • Accelerated flows: The required flexibility, reduced production deadlines to accelerate pace and meet clients’ increased needs, and large variation in orders due to seasonal command.
  • Refocusing on the heart of your industry: Pressure on expense reduction, and finding competitive advantages.

Integration of this service provides:

  • Increased flexibility and agility
  • Improved client satisfaction
  • Risk anticipation
  • Start-to-finish supply chain visibility
  • Expense optimization
two security staff employee consult a tablet

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