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From Advisory Services to Flow Management

This supply chain management solution aims to optimize all or part of our customers’ supply chains. Some of our customers are looking to find new sources of productivity. Some need to optimize the integration of a recent acquisition. Others need to make their transportation and logistics costs more competitive. At GEODIS, we use our experts, tools and expertise to support these activities and much more.

Helping you adjust to changing supply chain factors

GEODIS’ supply chain consulting offer applies to all High Tech players. It is especially useful for those looking for a new source of optimization as their supply chain changes due to a relocation of warehouses or production sites, or changes to legislation, consumer profiles, or supplier networks. As your growth partner, we will work alongside you throughout these changes, helping you select the transport and logistics providers and services that make sense for you.

A new level of optimization for your supply chain

Our High Tech supply chain experts can offer you innovative solutions tailored to your needs, as we share our best practices to improve the productivity of your supply chain and reduce your costs. Whatever problems you face (low performance, lack of visibility, etc.), GEODIS can provide advice, set up and manage the solutions. We also offer end-to-end visibility thanks to our GeoFlow IT solution: an integrated IT tool that allows for multi-environment communication.

A focus on performance and competitiveness

Of course, complex project management and business transformation doesn't just require industry-specific advice. It also demands state-of-the art execution to ensure the success of the proposed plan. At GEODIS, we are committed to providing solutions and teams that always take two important factors into account: operational performance and the competitiveness of the implemented solution.

To do this, we operate in several areas of expertise, from simple execution to the development of strategic roadmaps. Our experts will offer you an array of services that include:

  • Operational planning
  • Execution
  • Management tools and visibility
  • Finance and monitoring
  • Performance
  • Value-added services

This approach will allow you to focus on your core business without losing control of your supply chain. You'll turn a new corner in optimization as, together, we set up a system of checks, management, monitoring and controlling tailored to your specific challenges.

As always, you can access all this information through a single point of contact.

a woman consults a computer screen

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