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Inbound/Outbound and On-site Logistics

GEODIS establishes teams on-site or directly next to your manufacturing sites to optimize your supplier flows and provide production support. We'll use our extensive industrial expertise to manage all supply activities for your production operations, from sub-assembly and industrial packaging to sequenced or just-in-time delivery. GEODIS will ensure that the components, parts, and kits required in your workshops or on your assembly lines are available when needed.

Production supply operations

GEODIS provides a complete set of services covering inbound logistics operations from suppliers to your manufacturing site, value-added services (quality control, kitting, pre-assembly, and sub-assembly of components) and linefeed operations. Our expertise in manufacturing support covers the Industrial, High Tech and Automotive sectors.

Inbound and outbound logistics management to/from warehouses

By entrusting GEODIS with your logistics operations, you will be simplifying your supply chain organization and optimizing your costs. We will provide you with a single contact for coordinating all of your transport and logistics operations and all of your contracts, with full visibility. The range of our services extends from air/sea freight and customs to inbound and outbound shuttling and specialized distribution.

car assembly line

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