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Customs and Foreign Trade

Increasing globalization also means an increase in the international exchange of goods.

GEODIS' core, value-added & digital customs & foreign trade solution support your company’s global growth.

Let our customs experts around the world manage your customs needs by lowering both risks, and cost.

We'll serve you as a certified partner with a wide range of compliant customs services to manage international customs in your supply chain.

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Customs is a vital part of many businesses, but it can also be complicated. Continuous changes in regulations can make things even more complex. Our Core Customs & Foreign Trade Solutions approach is to keep processes and operating procedures as simple as possible so that they reflect what actually happens in your business. GEODIS' network of customs experts can handle all of the import and export movements of your goods according to the latest regulations. We offer simplification, transparency, and electronic exchanges between you and Customs Authorities, with a secure supply chain delivered through GEODIS' core solution portfolio. See details

Does your international business need support for customs procedures and obligations? GEODIS can serve as your growth partner through a broad range of services that ensure consistent and compliant trade activities. We're experts in conducting the import and export formalities required to comply with regulations and avoid risk for your business. We also provide value-added customs solutions through a large range of tailored solutions to support your international strategy. These include customs classification support, Foreign Trade Zone solutions, customs control tower solutions to coordinate your operations and provide support (consultancy), and a GEODIS web portal for a complete overview. See details

Customs section

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