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Strategic Outsourcing

The complexity of today’s global supply chains has become a major challenge for many companies. Managing logistics can be an unwelcome drain on resources, particularly if a company is growing rapidly. At the same time, opportunities for acquiring expertise in this area can be limited. In cases like these, outsourcing all or part of the supply chain to GEODIS is a cost-effective solution.

A strategic outsourcing agreement will specify the precise role for GEODIS, covering key areas such as end-to-end visibility and business analytics, as part of a portfolio of services.

Given the complexity of today’s supply chains, errors by 3PL providers are all too easy to make – and time-consuming to identify. Verifying that a 3PL provider has delivered quality service and has billed the customer correctly involves more than just ‘Track & Trace.’ GEODIS carries out a comprehensive Freight Bill Audit for its customers to check, for example, whether the correct service levels and quantities have been delivered, the right taxes have been paid, and the agreed rates have been applied. See details

The outsourcing of logistics operations can involve a wide range of services and activities, starting with the role of Lead Logistics Provider or 4PL. GEODIS can provide services and manage a set of 3PL providers on behalf of our customers, depending on their requirements. Our customers retain the contractual relationship with these providers. In other cases, GEODIS can be the contract holder, operating on behalf of the customer. In either situation, we can provide outsourcing services for a particular country or region, or a specific part of a customer’s business on a local or global basis. See details

The requirements for a successful shipment go well beyond the physical move itself. A shipment lines up to a purchase order and scheduling instructions regarding when, where and how to coordinate the move. Supplier assignments, handling requirements, appointments, capacity planning and delivery instructions all need to be aligned. GEODIS can manage this complexity so that orders are not disconnected from shipments. See details

In addition to immediate logistics needs, GEODIS works with customers to focus on analyzing previous performance trends through a variety of critical reports, while also assessing future trends that can affect the logistics market. GEODIS offers both standard and customized reports that demonstrate successes and challenges, enabling customers to share best practices and identify root causes of issues.  See details

Group of people working in an office

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