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Planning and Order Management

The requirements for a successful shipment go well beyond the physical move itself. A shipment lines up to a purchase order and scheduling instructions regarding when, where and how to coordinate the move. Supplier assignments, handling requirements, appointments, capacity planning and delivery instructions all need to be aligned. GEODIS can manage this complexity so that orders are not disconnected from shipments.

Integrating processes to improve performance

For many companies, the lack of visibility for inbound shipments from vendors – in terms of when they will ship, arrive or what they cost – is a major challenge. GEODIS has generated significant value for customers by taking on the purchase order scheduling process and moving these shipments onto our networks. This guarantees that the shipments are moved by best-in-class providers with competitive prices, and that there is clear visibility in-transit. This process improves transportation cost and service performance, while making better use of our customers’ production assets and inventory.

a man consults a tablet

Blog Insights

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