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Logistics is paramount for any company’s competitiveness. GEODIS is a worldwide transport and logistics leader that supports clients in their daily work by helping them overcome their logistical constraints. We're recognized for our expertise and mastery of all aspects of the supply chain, as we serve as a real growth partner for our clients. With our five lines of business (Supply Chain Optimization, Freight Forwarding, Contract Logistics, Distribution & Express and Road Transport), we are a regional organization that spans all continents, with a direct presence in 60 countries and a global network covering 168 countries. GEODIS is ranked seventh in the world and in Europe in our field. We are also the distribution and express leader in France.

A full range of expert services across the supply chain

Thanks to these five complementary lines of business, we offer clients a unique skill set at each step of the supply chain. Of course, as a worldwide logistics company, we also provide customized end-to-end solutions that meet the needs of each market or geographical area. At GEODIS, we are driven by passionate people, who guarantee full and relentless commitment in the field for our customers. Our infrastructures, processes and information systems ensure operational excellence and the best possible service quality.

Freight Forwarding

Through our Freight Forwarding line of business, we offer multi-modal transport solutions (Sea, Air, Road and Rail) combined with high value-added services and unique expertise in customs operations. In this way, we provide clients with the optimal delivery of their goods – in terms of delivery time, cost and environmental impact – regardless of the point of departure or the point of delivery.

Our Industrial Projects activities also develop specific, tailor-made services, particularly for large-scale projects in the Oil & Gas, Mining, Petrochemical, Rail and Energy sectors.


290,506 tons of Air Freight in 2020


855,218 TEUs (twenty-foot equivalent units)
Ocean Freight in 2020

Contract Logistics

GEODIS is one of the key players in the Contract Logistics market worldwide. From Warehousing and Distribution Center Management to deliveries for industrial production lines, we offer a wide range of services enhanced with innovative solutions. Our goal is to manage flows in a profitable way, while reducing inventory costs, increasing stock rotations, and improving overall supply chain efficiency.



303 logistics platforms worldwide in 2020

76,7 million square feet of warehousing space in 2020 (7,127 million square metres)

Distribution & Express

With a presence throughout Europe, GEODIS is the number four Distribution & Express solutions operator, and is number one in France for 24 to 48-hour deliveries across the continent. We specialize in last mile delivery, as we provide clients with solutions tailored to their shipments as well as to their own clients, the final consignees. As we do this, we offer key advantages such as transport organization optimization, a broad spectrum of product handling services, recognized service quality, close proximity to Customer Relationship services and completely mastered last-mile delivery.

Delivery truck

5,000 rounds daily in 2020

35 European countries served in 2020

distribution platform

115 sites in 2020

100 million parcels each year (2020)

Road Transport

Road Transport is amongst the leaders in Europe when it comes to full and partial truckloads. In this sector, we offer a comprehensive range of specialized solutions for Chemical, Industrial, and Automotive products, as well as for mass distribution.

ftl truck


3,818 trucks in 2020

91 sites in Europe, including 55 cross-docking platforms in 2020

Supply Chain Optimization        

As a worldwide logistics company, GEODIS brings clients an effective skill set to design and operate a variety of logistics chain management models. We provide consulting services, such as logistics chain diagnostics and network design, supply management through managing the bidding process, and flow management.



Regional Organization

Alongside our Group’s lines of business,we have established regions under one leadership responsible for the full GEODIS service offer. These regions are Western Europe, Middle East & Africa; North, East & Central Europe; Americas and Asia Pacific.

GEODIS by the Numbers

GEODIS has a large network across the world, and  we continue to invest in countries where our clients are growing and need our know-how. Our international reach is based on a direct presence in 60 countries, with a network that connects more than 168 countries.

Each day, our 41,837 employees focus on the needs of our 165,000 clients, generating more than 8.4 billion Euros in revenue in 2020.



GEODIS’ Mission, Vision and Values make up our DNA. They define how we partner with our clients: manufacturers of all sizes in every sector, as well as mass distribution and e-commerce stakeholders.


GEODIS’ mission is to help clients succeed by overcoming their logistical constraints. This provides us with a time-tested road map, and it is the reason we exist as a company.


GEODIS’ vision is to be a growth partner for our clients. This is the directive that guides the daily work of our 41,837 employees and defines the way in which we interact with clients as we set out together on the road to sustainable growth.


To make this vision a reality, GEODIS’ corporate culture relies on five fundamental values:

  • Commitment: We are committed to our clients, their needs, their priorities and their success.
  • Innovation: We continually innovate, as we go above and beyond to ceaselessly improve our performance and that of our clients.
  • Trust: We cultivate trust and honor our commitments.
  • Solidarity: We demonstrate the same solidarity internally that we have with our clients and partners.
  • Passion: We are determined enthusiasts, motivated by the desire to succeed together.
Truck on a road

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