New GEODIS and Happy Returns integration simplifies the returns experience for GEODIS eLogistics retail customers

GEODIS, a world leader in transport and logistics, today announced the integration between GEODIS eLogistics, the company’s digitally centered, truly scalable e-Commerce distribution and fulfillment solution, and Happy Returns, a PayPal company and leading returns software and reverse logistics company, is now live. With this integration, GEODIS eLogistics retailers will now have additional ways to recognize the entire e-Commerce lifecycle and enable a seamless post-purchase returns process to enhance the overall customer experience.

Happy Returns, a PayPal company, provides end-to-end returns solutions for online merchants through a unique combination of returns software and reverse logistics. With Happy Returns, shoppers can easily initiate returns and exchanges and drop off box-free, label-free returns using its network of nearly 9,000 Return Bar locations nationwide. Merchants using Happy Returns can provide seamless, intelligent returns experiences that encourage shoppers to make exchanges and complete new orders during the returns process, which has helped enable brands to retain up to 50% of revenue1.

As part of its commitment to delivering exceptional reverse logistics solutions, GEODIS eLogistics has joined Happy Returns’ Preferred Partner Program as its inaugural Elite member. The custom integration provides GEODIS eLogistics retailers with visibility into the journey of each return, including status updates on Return Bar returns as they are dropped off, consolidated at a Happy Returns Hub and then shipped back to the merchant. Because return shipments are aggregated with Happy Returns, GEODIS eLogistics customers can efficiently track return shipments and streamline processing once the shipments are received.

“Joining forces with Happy Returns reflects a shared commitment to providing a more seamless reverse logistics process for retailers and shoppers alike,” said Michael Lamia, Senior Vice President of GEODIS MyParcel and GEODIS eLogistics. “We see the integration with Happy Returns as a major competitive advantage for our GEODIS eLogistics customers as it allows brands to balance cost and speed while saving money and retaining revenue. This collaboration is truly a win-win solution for both parties.”

“We are always thrilled to power easy returns for shoppers and remove a traditional friction point of the e-Commerce journey,” said Andrew Pease, Senior Director of Growth for Happy Returns. “Our integration with GEODIS eLogistics helps deliver an intuitive returns and reverse logistics solution to merchants that can help boost shopper satisfaction and optimize operations for merchant teams.”

The benefits of this strategic relationship provide GEODIS eLogistics customers with a simple, intelligent returns experience and greater visibility throughout the return journey. Additionally, Happy Returns aligns with GEODIS customer service goals by initiating immediate refunds to shoppers and the company’s sustainability goals by offering box-free, label-free returns that are then aggregated and shipped from the Return Bar in reusable totes to reduce cardboard waste compared to traditional mail returns. 

In an e-Commerce landscape where a difficult returns process can negatively impact customer loyalty and repeat purchases, the convenience and security that this integration offers GEODIS eLogistics retailers is a major competitive advantage in strengthening brand loyalty in today’s marketplace.

Introduced in late 2021, GEODIS eLogistics is a digitally centered, truly scalable e-Commerce distribution and fulfillment solution for e-Commerce businesses. GEODIS eLogistics offers innovative, tailored-made and simple fulfillment solutions for brands. Leveraging its 80-year history with large, enterprise brands, GEODIS introduced this innovative e-Commerce solution to cater to small and medium-sized businesses as well as enterprise brands that may require a faster, more nimble e-Commerce fulfillment solution to support their unique needs in today’s dynamic environment. With four strategic nodes in Nashville, Indiana, California and New Jersey, GEODIS eLogistics provides two-day shipping to 91% of the U.S. mainland population using standard shipping services. GEODIS eLogistics facilities complement the company’s more than 230 sites across the U.S. alone.

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