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Ensuring Line Feed Operations

At GEODIS, we understand that our customers' production schedule is a top priority – entire assembly lines can rely on one single element. Therefore, as we manage the logistics of materials and components for our customers, we engage in just-in-time (JIT) manufacturing. This helps us respond to changing product specifications and anticipate the needs of even our customers' customers. At the same time, we strategically locate our warehouses to serve the required plants within our customers' most complex scenarios.

From small parts to an entire production line

As a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, GEODIS serves many automotive industry suppliers. Sometimes, we are responsible for an entire production line, bringing in new elements within very short time-frames, every working hour of every working day.

As your industrial partner, we are ISO TS 16949-certified and can connect to your IT production system. When a shipment arrives at its destination, we will provide customs clearance and repack the parts in the required line side bins before delivering them to the point of use at the plant. Comprehensive scanning at every step enables us to track parts and sequence everything in an error-proof environment (poka yoke).

If we find that a shipment contains defective items, we will manage the situation on the supplier's behalf as we sort the units, perform visual, touch or functional control, and deliver only compliant products to the line. Of course, you can track this flow, as always, through complete visibility over the whole operation.

Close to you, close to your suppliers

Our fully-integrated IT solution allows us to keep suppliers and the production line continuously informed about how much stock is on hand – and what parts need to be reordered – with enough lead time to get the parts to the line on time.

GEODIS performs the sequencing of parts for both original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) and Tier-1 suppliers, delivering components just in sequence (JIS) to the line, according to just in time (JIT) schedules. GEODIS can provide systems to support this, or interface with the customer's own management systems. We deliver upon your request to feed the production line.

Over and above scalability in terms of quantities inside the line feed, we can also adapt parts to new requirements set by the supplier along the production line. We strive to not dispose of the old material, especially when only a rework is necessary.

Our inbound and outbound operations use parts that come from many different suppliers. We identify them (RFID) in our GEODIS warehouse, then pack and prepare them for shipment to sub-assembly activity. In conformity with our value proposition policy, you will always have a single point of contact for all services.

a car in construction

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