two employees working on a car model

Sub-assembly: an expert task

With over thirty years of experience in automotive logistics, GEODIS performs a wide array of highly complex services for sub-assembly in multiple manufacturing-support operations. We also use a flexible approach for many specific requirements as we strive to deliver the best customer experience all over the world.

A scalable, just-in-time sub-assembly process

Automakers rely on suppliers for designing and building vehicle sub-assemblies such as seating, safety systems and trim and final fixings based on original in-house specifications. The parts then have to be brought together and assembled onsite, before being delivered somewhere else to carry on vehicle production. However, the OEM often chooses which supplier to use for components and the sub-assembly process.

GEODIS warehouse employees can sort, pack and prepare component units coming from suppliers to make them comply with sub-assembly activity. We will then proceed to sequence the parts and deliver them to the production line according to just-in-time (JIT) schedules.

We also provide scalability of quantities throughout the entire process. Our inbound and outbound operations only use parts that we can continuously track once we have identified all of them (using RFID) when we first receive them at the GEODIS warehouse.

Design, manage and optimize for a variety of parts

As your industrial partner, we are ISO TS 16949-certified and we will connect to your IT production system. We can design, manage and optimize the assembly line and prepare for many different vehicle parts (such as the bumpers, tailgates, glasses or panels) offering a host of build variations from Tier-1 suppliers’ warehouses to the end customer. Completed sub-assemblies are placed into reusable containers for lineside delivery at the assembly plant.

Comprehensive tracking and end-to-end visibility

GEODIS manages millions of vehicle sub-assemblies every year. Our fully integrated IT solution called Optilog provides end-to-end visibility and flow management, allowing you to keep an eye on the entire supply chain.

We also tailor sub-assembly processes to your business or adapt to the ones defined by you, in order to ensure continuous and easy flow to final manufacturing. Our IT system will continuously monitor all shipments and every booking placed by various suppliers.

Comprehensive scanning at every step enables the tracking of parts and sub-assemblies as we sequence everything in an error-proof environment (poka yoke).

In conformance with our value proposition policy, you will always receive a single point of contact for all services, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

two employees working on a car model

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