a delivery driver in front of a GEODIS truck

Last Mile and Store-related Solutions

Transporting goods from a Distribution Center (DC) to the final point of sale comes with its own logistics constraints and requirements. GEODIS offers an array of services up until the last mile and the last minute, including help for a new product launch or store opening, and more.

When it comes to a brand's promise to match User Experience (UX) & Customer Experience (CX), last mile delivery is now more critical than ever. GEODIS provides a variety of daily in-city solutions, including concierge services.

On-demand premium service

GEODIS manages your customers' desired delivery times to suit their specific needs. For example, a customer can have an order delivered to their home, or to a nearby GEODIS branch. Our automated process runs throughout the entire delivery, including instructions, tracking and proof of delivery (POD) that are easily accessible from a compatible computer, tablet or smartphone, with GPS map visibility.

Last mile delivery to the store

Whether a product is picked up from cross-dock platforms at a GEODIS warehouse, or directly picked up from the supplier, we will deliver it up to the last mile – or to the store upon request – for the quantities needed.

In-store solutions, from the outset

To make sure your store is ready for its grand opening, we offer services from planning and preparation to final arrangements. This begins with track & trace and order status follow-up, giving you complete mobile end-to-end visibility of shop fittings, promotional displays and finished goods.

Right up until the very end, we will plan and control transportation and storage conditions, set up the shelves, and handle all the services to get your merchandise ready: labelling, ironing, sewing, kitting, and more. We can also pack and repack garments to make them completely store-ready, on hangers or flat-folded. We will continuously check the quality and quantities of your orders and remove waste using transparent bags.

After your store has opened, we'll check your satisfaction with the stock take solutions you have designed and that we have provided. Then we can continue in-store service with daily replenishment and returns. Because logistics is about service, we will put on our white gloves for as long as necessary to bring you a host of other services such as unpacking, on-shelf or by zone display. We'll even arrange the ribbon for the inauguration!

a delivery driver in front of a GEODIS truck

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